Boot Holland, the traditional opener for the watersports season, is particularly renowned as a show for making debuts. This is why many companies seize the opportunity to show off their newest products to the general public during Boot Holland. For example, Boot Holland 2017 was host to no less than 50 world debuts in February. This amount is unprecedented and is as much a compliment to the organisation as a wonderful gift for the many loyal visitors.


Boot Holland is the place to be when presenting your achievements to the general public. The 2018 show will again be an all-round boat show supplemented by directly related products and services. As the organisation says, “We’re no-nonsense here. We don’t add any frills to draw more of an audience; we just focus on the quality of the show.”

Always something new

Boot Holland is constantly revamping its exhibitions. As well as regular appearances such as the pavilion for round and flat-bottomed vessels, the 2018 show will also feature a pavilion for supping and there will be more sailing boats to see among the ranks. “We’re constantly developing,” explains Yntema. “That means there’s always something new to see for our regular visitors each year.”

Attractive for your business

Boot Holland combines a number of benefits for exhibitors; it is exceptionally well-located, both by road and by public transport (the exhibition centre is 10 minutes’ walk from the station). The WTC Expo Leeuwarden also offers an on-site hotel and dozens of excellent facilities, with a fixed parking charge of only €4,- per day for visitors (exhibitor parking is free). Last but not least, the price per square metre of exhibition space at Boot Holland is far below the going rate at comparable shows.

Friendly atmosphere

One major plus about Boot Holland is that the scale of the show never detracts from the pleasant ambiance. Yntema: “No other show in the Benelux has as many motorboats as ours. That attracts a lot of people, but there’s still a very friendly aura around the place.” Boot Holland is traditionally known for the amount of steel ships it exhibits, but it also displays Scandinavian boats, sloops, punts and utility boats. “People really come along to see the boats,” explains the organisation. “They want to be able to touch them, smell them and find out all about them. That’s all possible at Boot Holland, and we cherish our ability to make it happen.”


As an exhibitor, you can expect to benefit from an effective media campaign run by a highly experienced and professional organisation. WTC Expo enjoys excellent business connections with numerous recognised publishers. The event will be brought to the attention of the target group; the fans, professionals and those who are simply just enthusiastic about everything when it comes to water sports. This includes advertising in sector specific magazines, newspapers, weekly magazines, radio and TV exposure, email shots, press releases, free publicity and by expansive online marketing.


As an exhibitor at Boot Holland you can depend on a reliable and helpful organisation. An organisation with various well oiled departments which act in harmony and benefit from short communication lines. This is clearly manifest by among other things the maps you will be provided with well before the fair, including the logistic plan which will allow ample time for setting up and dismantling afterwards. There is also an online service where you can order such things as stand facilities and business invitation cards. Boot Holland has an up-to-date website featuring newsletters with all the latest information. Our friendly and helpful project team is always available to answer your queries and advise you on how to create a great presentation.